Main features:

1. Fuel consumption 
2. Total fuel consumption 
3. Fuel Economy indicator 
4. Fuel in the tank (remaining) 
5. RPM Tachometer 
6. Speed 
7. Voltage  
8. Clock 
9. Distance   
10. Auto OFF 
11. Backlightscreen
12. Motohour counter MTH 

Technical parameters:

1. Power supply  12-16VDC 
2. Current consumption  25mA 
3. Flow range 0,5-100l/h 
4. Measurement error  < 5% 
5. Hose connection  3/8" (9,5mm) 
6. Working temp. range 0-45 
7. Water protection degree IP64

Fuel flow sensor included 
Bulit in GPS module 
Waterproof case ( IP64)
Version for single engine (without fuel return)

Multifunctional indicator "Flowtrecs Mini" is designed for boats indicating the operating parameters of the engine and boat traffic in a way that allows the user to the most cost-effective management of fuel. In addition to the basic parameters which are the engine speed, boat speed, fuel consumption in l / h., the amount of fuel the tension, moto-hours, it indicates a very important parameter which is the fuel economy that is indicator of the amount of kilometers that you can drive to the 1 liter of fuel. As you know, on the fuel consumption of the vessel influence many factors. Some of them such as speed, weight distribution of the bow-stern, setting the trim, propeller selection, can be controlled and adjusted by the driver. But how do you know how to adjust the various settings with no actual measurement data? How do you know that eg. by reducing the speed of 5 km / h or increasing the engine up you can drive 20 km instead of 15 km, on the same amount of fuel? Change of fuel consumption as a function of speed runs non-linearly and do not know how to find the optimum, without objective data. The only effective solution in this case is the measurement of actual fuel consumption and boat speed and calculation of the index giving the economy the number of kilometers that at the moment, you can sail on one liter of fuel. Such a function, among other things, provides a "Mini Flowtrecs". This is crucial for the economic exploitation of the boat, because it can noticeably reduce fuel consumption. Of course, it cannot be done automatically, for the same indication instantaneous coverage does not reduce fuel consumption. Only appropriate action of skipper, who is tracking indication, change the settings of rotation, trim or ballast, so that the rate of economy was the largest, can provide significant fuel savings.

“Flowtrec Mini ” is recommended for motorboats. It indicates the parameters of  engine  operations  and  the boat's movement  in a way  which allows the users  to drive at  maximum fuel efficiency. Apart from  the basic parameters, such as engine's RPM , boat's speed, fuel  consumption in  l/h,  amount  of  fuel, voltage and  motohours  it  indicates  an  essential parameter like  fuel  economy, showing the number of  kilometres one can travel on 1 litre  of fuel. Waterproof  case (Ip64)  and simple 2 buttons  operation, make  it  ideal choice for open or closed boats, catamarans, RIBs  etc. Equipped  with built-in GPS module and fuel  flow sensor its giving „all in one” possibility for small boats. Aplicable range of engine power is 20-300HP, divided into 3 groups: 20-60HP, 60-130HP, 130-300HP. Two colour version available: black and metal siver.


1. Display LCD 2 "
2. Connector Cable
3. Flow Sensor FS-20H
     a. S version - 20-60 HP
     b. M version - 60-130 HP
    c. L version - 130-300 HP
4. Extension Jack 5m
5. Manual
6. Ties

Power range:

S - 20-60 HP
M - 60-130 HP
L - 130-300 HP

Optional accessories:

Tacho pulse limiter for carbureted and inboard engines

Manual PL


Manual EN