• angielska
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  • 1. Where the Flowtrecs device can be used?

    Flowtrecs can be applied to all petrol engines (also with the return of fuel), both stationary and outboard and high sensitivity flow sensor allows it to be used in engines with power even 20KM or eg. in paragliding.

  • 2. What is the maximum engine power?

    Engine power should not exceed 300 KM, because above that level fuel sensor resistance would limit the maximum engine power

  • 3. What is the measurement error?

    Error precision measurement of fuel consumption does not exceed 5%.

  • 4. Does the appliance is waterproof?

    LCD display panel (version TS) is not waterproof and should be protected from ingress of water. However Flowtrecs  Mini  is waterproof according to IP65. The new Flowtrecs Wave is waterproof according to IP68.