Suitable for resistive sensors
Waterproof case ( IP64)

"Flowtrecs Level" is an intelligent device indicating the liquid level in the tank. It is suitable  to operate with the resistive sensors   0-190 or 240-30  ohms. It indicates the level in digital value f.ex . 80 (liters or gallons). It has the ability to program 6 points of level, which form the basis for the calculation of the level between basis points. This allows  more precise indication of the level, especially in the tanks with an irregular shape. It is available in 4 different versions: black, white, black and silver metal, silver-white metal.

Main features:

1. Display range 0-999 (liters, Gallons)
2. The indicator of the battery voltage
3. Backlight
4. Selection of units (liters, Gallons)
5. The range of the sensor resistance 0-190 or 240-30 ohm

Manual PL

Manual EN